A flat as classic as modern

A flat as classic as modern

The EspaiRoux study has made past and present coexist in an apartment located in Barcelona's Eixample. They, like their owners, had fallen in love with the traditional elements of the houses that were built in this area in the early twentieth century, such as high ceilings, hydraulic floors or glazed gallery, but the distribution was not adapted to the needs of the large family that I now saw from ceiling to floor that allow dividing or merging rooms at the whim of the residents. But this revolution was made with care, recovering original elements and respecting the stately air of the floor.

The decoration is also the result of respect for the past and its combination with the present. Some of the furniture in this residence was already owned by the owners. The interior designers reupholstered them by conversing the classic style and sought their counterpoint with current designs and seasoned the combination with the owner's works of art, achieving a mixture as traditional as today that is timeless, warm and, above all, very functional.

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The EspaiRoux studio has mixed pieces of the past with current designs, achieving a perfect combination of contrasts.

Living room

The classic style sofas belonged to the family that lives on this floor. The studio reupholstered them and mixed them with more current pieces.

Large family

The owners are a family with three children.


The apartment has 187 m2, four bedrooms and two bathrooms.


The apartment had one of the traditional galleries of the homes of the early twentieth century Eixample.

New carpentry

The architects conserved this space but they changed the windows so that they were more efficient.

Open doors

The enclosure can be opened completely, transforming the gallery into a terrace.

Work and pleasure

The gallery is used as a study and living area.

Nothing here

The new divisions were made with ceiling to floor doors.

A kitchen over here

In this way they appear and disappear at the will of the owners.


Minimalist style

Gray matter

A white countertop was combined with gray cabinets.


Front of ceiling to floor cabinets to get the most out of the space. The floor is a porcelain stoneware with a natural stone effect.

Eat in the kitchen

An office area has been created in the kitchen.

Wash zone

View of the cabinets of the washing room and iron.


The original soil was recovered.

Visual division

The hydraulic floor serves as a carpet and divides the aisle to reduce the feeling of tightness. The rest of the floors are bleached robloe.

His lively portrait

The master bedroom has been decorated with paintings painted by the owner.

En suite

The bedroom has an en suite bathroom.

All hidden

Thanks to the sliding door, access to the bathroom can be completely hidden.

Classic touch At his feet

Custom cabinets front for the foot of the bed.

Suite bathroom Natural effect

The same kitchen floor was used, with a finish similar to natural stone, for the bathroom.

Nothing to hide

The shower was closed with a transparent glass screen.

Child's bedroom

For two of the children.

Study zone

Custom furniture was designed to take advantage of the space and create a rest area with two beds and one for study.

Second children's bedroom

With furniture also custom designed.

Second bathroom Before and after

The plan before and after the reform.