A house of 45 m2

A house of 45 m2

Germán Saiz Advertising - Read on below 1 Very cozy Germán Saiz

The living room is located in a corner and is decorated with a two-seater Kansas sofa, from Tapis-Estil, some cushions and small tables, in Ikea.

2 color contrast Germán Saiz

The dining room, in white, and the living room, in gray, share a wall. The sofa, by Tapis-Estil; red lamp and glass tables, in Ikea.

3 With lots of light Germán Saiz

Kitchen, dining room and living line the same wall. The dining table, very light, is from Ikea, and the Bissou chairs, from Softline.

4 A very practical kitchen Germán Saiz

The kitchen, by Kocina Sevilla, was furnished with colorful furniture with red fronts. The lower zone was set to "L" and the upper one has only one module.

5 bedroom Germán Saiz

The headboard of the bed and the bench at your feet are from Better & Best. The bedding, from Iguana fabrics. The quilt is from Zara Home, and the cushions, in Ikea.

6 With double window Germán Saiz

The bright and spacious bedroom has an integrated bathroom facing the wall of the bed and a wardrobe closet in the hollow next to the balcony.

7 Very cozy bathroom Germán Saiz

The bathroom, despite its small dimensions, is fully equipped. In front of the door, the vanity area, with a mini basin in Mampalucía, and a mirror and an auxiliary cart, by Ikea. To your right is the shower, closed with a sliding glass screen, of Mampalucía.

8 planes Germán Saiz

Elongated plant. The apartment is distributed in two large spaces: the living room and the bedroom. In the first, the living area, dining room and kitchen have been organized. And the bedroom, with windows and balcony overlooking the street, includes the bathroom.

How much?

Painting the walls in white with a dark gray front in the living room and a green one in the bedroom, in Infantado: Price / m2 ... € 10.40
Floor throughout the house and bathroom walls covered with Macael marble tiles, in Infantado: Price / m2… 75 €
Kitchen furniture with red fronts, in Kocina Seville: Approximate price… € 2,897.