13 Ideas to surprise your partner on Valentine's Day

13 Ideas to surprise your partner on Valentine's Day

If you don't like the commercial part of Valentine's Day, or simply this year you don't have much budget, but you want to show your other half that you really care, then you're in luck ...

As we all know, demonstrating to your loved ones what they mean to you has nothing to do with spending money, and sometimes smaller gestures can have the greatest impact.

So, we have put together some simple ways to surprise your partner on Valentine's Day, without spending too much ... í>

1. Breakfast in bed

A cheesy but easy idea: breakfast in bed is always a winning idea. Prepare your partner's favorite toasts and serve them on a tray. Extra points if the surprise is complete and you wake her up with the smell of coffee.

2. Print your favorite photos

We all carry many photos on our phones today, but we rarely print them, even if it's super cheap and easy. Be it the holiday photos or their nice selfies, print some of the best couple photos so they can keep them forever. (//

3. Graca a modern 'ribbon'

All you need is a laptop and access to your iTunes account to create a "tape" of music for your other half on a USB. Or burn a CD, if you prefer. Choose a selection of "your" songs, which bring you happy memories of the good times together, and mix them with your favorite songs.

4. Homemade card

Unleash your creativity, using everything from wrapping paper to ribbons and magazine clippings, to create a card DIY For Valentine's Day fully customized. Do you need some inspiration? Check out this DIY card for Valentine's Day.

5. Plan exciting nights

If your partner is the one who always organizes your appointments, take the reins and write a plan with 12 exciting ideas for 12 nights, then plan them on the calendar, so every month you will spread it forward.

6. Write a list of everything you love about your partner

Again we get carried away by the most cheesy side, but when was the last time you told your partner everything he likes most about them? Surely it does a lot ... or never. So, write down all the things you can imagine, include many details and give them a lasting memory that they can read again whenever they need to cheer up.

7. Bake your favorite cake

Spend some time in the kitchen preparing your partner's favorite cake or dessert. Here are some ideas for romantic desserts.

8. Cook your favorite food

Whether your other half likes pizza, curry or something a little more elegant, buy all the ingredients you need to prepare your favorite food (take time to buy without spending much) and cooking ...

9. Yield the command ...

If you don't stop arguing about who chooses what to watch on TV, do the most honorable and reach an agreement on who can choose the next Netflix series or all the movies on Friday nights for a month. And then keep it up; no complaints are allowed.

10. Give time coupons

This is definitely a cliché, but take time to do for your partner 'coupons' or 'tokens' to do those little things you like to share - from back massages to foot massages - and then give them permission to use them when you wish.

11. Leave them small notes

From a Post-it in the bathroom mirror to a small note in the work bag, or a message on the windshield of the car, write a few small lines for your partner and then hide them between their things so they have many surprises throughout of the V-Day.

12. Take them for a romantic walk

Be it a walk to the bar where you met or an excursion through all your favorite places in the city, trace a romantic route, and then go for a walk together.

13. Make a collage

Gather all the little memories you can of your relationship and paste them into a collage (cheesy but effective): think of past concerts or movie dates, reminders of your honeymoon, photos of the two together, quotes from your favorite movies, lines of "your" song, etc., etc. Although it may seem like chaos, we challenge you not to laugh.