Feng Shui: decorate with harmony

Feng Shui: decorate with harmony

Talking about Feng Shui means talking about a plane beyond decoration: feeling good about oneself through the rooms. Supporters of this art (or science, for some), believe that depending on the energy characteristics of each place, we feel better or worse. The "good vibes", which others call it. This is called the fate of the Earth.

The literal meaning of Feng Shui is Wind and Water. Etymologically speaking, it aims to analyze the environmental environment through the buildings that surround us and provide the ideal conditions to live in harmony by examining the energy characteristics of each place, area or space.

So that, How should the ideal house be according to Feng Shui? We tell you in 14 keys.

1.- The hall It is one of the most important housing areas. Through it, according to this ancient art, energy enters and expands, so pay special attention to this place. The best thing is that they are neither too long, nor too narrow, that they are perfectly illuminated at all times and that they have photos of natural light if possible.

2.- The areas where most of the activity in the home is carried out, such as the living room or dining room, They should preferably be square or rectangular areas. As stable and balanced as possible.

3.- Good ventilation is essential. The ancient beliefs of Feng Shui consider that this eliminates all bad energy around the home.

4.- In Feng Shui, the kitchen is associated with health of the family. Preferably, it should not be exposed to more than two sides between doors and windows.

5.- On the other hand, the light It is considered for Feng Shui as the center of life. Without it, there is no energy. However, it must be well regulated by blinds or curtains.

6.- The bedroom It is one of the most important areas and, therefore, one of the most protected by this art. Symmetries and choosing not to place the bed under exposed beams or in front of a staircase, are some of the preferences. In addition, an austere decoration with few elements that disturb the dreams is what is most sought in this room (direct lights to the bed, a large number of electrical appliances ...).

7.- Feng Shui is not a supporter of stairs of snail, nor of those that are too narrow.

8.- The doors They have to open a minimum of 90 degrees without difficulty. Noises because they are not very oiled, are not recommended.

9.- The cover of toilet, always down.

10.- They are not in favor of abusing mirrors, So its use is moderate within its philosophy. And they should never be looking at the bed.

11.- The storage rooms or storage areas such as laundries, it is preferable to keep them visibly separated from the rest of the home.

12.- Do not forget to include the plants in your home. Fantastic energy absorption.

13.- Also, the use of incense sticks It is another fundamental point. According to Feng Shui, they balance the spaces by cleaning the energy.

14.- Of course, always keep order. The doctrine of Feng Shui is in favor of the energy being directed towards where the view. Chaos has no place here.