Survival manual to avoid heat at home

Survival manual to avoid heat at home

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The summer months can become torture. The air conditioning and fans can help alleviate the heat somewhat, but the best thing to cool your home (believe it or not) is to pay attention to the decoration. A few simple changes will turn your home into an oasis where you can take refuge during the hottest days:

1. Decoration influences

Never underestimate the placebo effect: that your house looks fresh will make it cool. The colors we use in the decoration are basic to achieve it. The best clear and cold They are appropriate. Try to combine white with blue, the atmosphere will cool itself.


2. Plants are your greatest allies

Any room that has plants will automatically be cooler. Plants oxygenate the environment and create spaces with greater humidity. Therefore have a fícus or a bamboo in the living room It is a great idea to create a more comfortable home environment in summer.


3. When do I open the windows?

It may seem obvious, but it's not bad that we remember it: the best time to ventilate the house It is first thing in the morning and late in the afternoon. Avoid the hottest hours or outside heat will sneak into your home. With the blinds you have to be clear about the difference between light and sunIf the sun comes in, you will heat the house more than you should. Regulate your blinds to keep the temperature cool. At night, you can also spray water in your curtains so that the air that enters is cooler.

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4. Reduce heat sources

Inside the house there are many things that generate heat, so it is better to avoid these unnecessary sources of heat to create a good environment. First, it is better replace analog bulbs with LEDs, they heat up less and no residual heat is generated. If you're not watching TV, it's better than unplugs, even if it is off, it continues to generate current and therefore heat. And finally, when cooking, try to make cold dishes such as gazpachos or salads, if you don't turn on the kitchen more than necessary There won't be too much heat.

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5. Material issue

However beautiful they are, the wool carpet at the entrance or that divine velvet sofa you have in the living room is creating a warmer atmosphere in your home. That's how it is. In summer, it is better to opt for materials such as linen or cotton that perspire better and do not retain heat. Get light carpets and sofa covers and put your living room in summer mode.

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We warn you: by following these tips, you will not want to leave home ...

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