Tuesday 13: how to decorate to attract good luck

Tuesday 13: how to decorate to attract good luck

Today is that day in which the superstitious, if they could, would stay in bed: Tuesday 13. So that you feel very protected in your home, we give you these tips that will bring as good luck as style to your home.

Keep the yellow away

Since in 1673 Molière interpreted The imaginary sick dressed in this color and died a few days after tuberculosis, yellow is banned in the theater for believing that it attracts bad luck. Do not play it at home and opt for other colors such as pink, the color that now devastates the decoration, or the Ultraviolet, the one chosen by Pantone for this year. The trends are in your favor ...

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Green hope

In addition to being beneficial to health (as we told you in article 10 reasons why you need to have more indoor plants), some plants are considered talismans, such as lucky bamboo, which is perfect to have at home, or the four-leaf clover, which you will have to sharpen the eye to find (well, nobody said that this of good luck would be easy ...)

Knock on wood

There are many theories about the origin of this ritual to attract the good widespread throughout the world. Some believe it arose in cultures that believed that fairies or good spirits saw.

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Purifying fire

One of the oldest beliefs is the purifying power of fire. Although it is traditional of the Night of San Juan, having a fireplace or candles at home will help you ward off bad energies and you can write down what you do not want in your life on a paper to burn it (carefully, please). And if you do not believe that in the power of fire, what you cannot deny is that it provides a most charming atmosphere (candles are one of the secret weapons of the hygge).

Homemade Amulets

There are many objects to which the virtue of attracting good luck is attributed: elephants with the trunk up, keys, eyes, horseshoes, Maneki Neko cats ... And you're in luck because there are many signatures that have incorporated them into your line of home accessories. Get one and get your house of positive vibes.

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