All you have to know about industrial style enclosures

All you have to know about industrial style enclosures


You see them in interior design projects and you like them. They seem to you a good way to delimit a space letting the light pass, a perfect alternative to the open kitchen, a visual relief for small spaces, and fantasize about doing it in your home. But you are struck by doubts about whether it is advisable, if it will fit your style and, above all, the cost of doing so. We have consulted the architect María José Navarro Segura, of the studio Nasezen, so that we can solve all the questions we have about these enclosures. For her, they are "one of the most accepted solutions lately to divide spaces. A type of enclosure that adapts to any style and it certainly gives a plus of design to the house, without greatly increasing the budget. "

What material are they made of?

Normally these enclosures are made of glass with iron profiles.

Who can we take care of?

To be able to make this type of enclosures, an architect or interior designer has to make a design that fits the style and taste of the client, and it will be a blacksmith who is responsible for executing it and installing it based on that previous design.

What finishes can they have?

The finishes can be in the same untreated iron or lacquered in any color and for the crystals, we can opt for transparent or acid treated, if privacy is sought.

How much can they cost on average?

The price for a division of 3 meters long by 2.5 meters high can cost approximately between € 2,000 and € 2,500.

In which cases it is advisable to opt for such an enclosure?

These "glass walls" are ideal when you want to get diaphanous interiors, or you want to optimize the space without losing spaciousness and allow the passage of natural light to all rooms. They can be used both as a room divider, in corridors or in kitchens where you want to close to become independent of noise and odors, without losing light or visual.

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Instagram by María José Navarro Segura: @mariajosenavarrosegura