5 Domestic tips that will make your life easier

5 Domestic tips that will make your life easier

Advertising - Keep reading below Is it advisable to put more detergent in the laundry?

It is bad.

Logic suggests that the more product used, the cleaner the clothes remain. Nothing is further from reality.

The excess creates a foam that causes elements such as sand or lint to remain above the water level preventing the clothes from rinsing properly. In addition, the smell of the washing machine worsens because it feeds the mold that grows inside the pipes.

Enter the amount recommended by the manufacturer.

Is it advisable to drive with flat tires?

It is dangerous.

Circulating with a pressure below the recommended one can increase gasoline consumption by more than one full tank per year. It shortens the life of the wheel and increases the risk of suffering a blowout while driving.

Loses performance when passing through the curves and the braking distance is greater on wet ground. Try to check the tires monthly, before embarking on a trip with the car loaded and after a strong temperature change.

Is it advisable not to brush your cat's teeth?

Not good.

It can cause the appearance of tartar triggering diseases such as gingivitis.

Clean them daily with a soft bristle brush and a special pet paste. It is advisable to do a professional cleaning a year.

Is it advisable to cut the yellow leaves of the tulips?

Very good.

Focus on the leaves, not the flower. Make them grow beautiful, this will help produce superior quality flowers for many years. They should not be touched until they are completely yellowish, approximately until the end of June. While they are green they should not be cut since they are producing food for the flowers of the following year.

If you do it ahead of time you will cause the bulbs to weaken so they will not produce flowers or simply die. When they reach this color completely, it means that they have stored enough energy and that they are prepared to remain inactive until next spring, so that is when you must cut them with scissors.

Is it advisable to serve hot liquid in the glass?

Be careful.

Putting water or other boiling beverage in a glass bowl causes the interior to warm, dilating, while the exterior remains cold. It undergoes great pressure from within, and since the crystal is not elastic, it breaks.

Put a teaspoon of metal, since it is a good conductor of heat and the temperature will drop.

Is it advisable to use the same password for everything?

Do not do it.

Don't make it so easy! If a stranger has access to it, you can suffer identity theft and be used in a chain. You can access your bank account, shopping platforms, or your social networks.

Protect yourself using a different password for each service; make passwords robust; Do not share your passwords with anyone or write them down; use a password manager to store them securely; Be sure to use https connections when you log in and avoid public WiFis when you have to use or access sensitive information.