How to paint a wall using the sponge technique

How to paint a wall using the sponge technique

The sponge technique It consists of painting the wall with light touches with a sponge or cloth. With this technique it is possible to create new textures on the wall that have nothing to do with the classic gotelé or the austerity of the plain color. Original finishes and, in addition, very practical and economical, because they will allow you to touch up the damage at any time with just a few new touches.

To do so, first arm yourself with two different shades which will serve, one as a base and another as a tone arty (with which it will be colored by means of the sponge). It is recommended that you use quick-drying enamels that are easy to remove, in case you are wrong.

First, apply a coat with a roller of the tone you have decided to apply at the base. If they are totally different tones, you will have no problem when combining the most superficial. However, if they are tones that resemble each other, choose the lighter as the basis. Good combinations are chocolates and browns, mint and white, coral and red, yellow and white or blue and green.

With a rag or sponge It gives slight touches and irregular taps on the surface (once dry) with the second tone. Repeat the operation depending on the intensity you want to achieve. It is recommended that you use cotton textiles. For artistic finishes, dare to make a ball with plastic material or painter's paper and apply it in the same way. You will get shocking geometric finishes. This type of paint is more convenient to do it with similar and clear tones to not cause too much visual impact.

In order not to saturate the environment, you can combine this technique in one of the walls of the room (for example, the wall of the sofa or the headboard of the bed) and leave the rest with smooth paint of one of the tones.

Creativity with this technique, has no limits!