Little allies that will make your life easier

Little allies that will make your life easier

Since that "carpet sweeper" or gadget with rotating brushes patented by the American Daniel Hess in 1860 until today, it has rained a lot. The primitives vacuum cleaners disproportionate, loud and ineffective size manuals gave way to lighter electric models, silents and really efficient. The difference between them was based on the nature of the brushes (mobile or not) and on how to filter dirt from the air.

The electric vacuum cleaners with bag, which had to be replaced every so often, and long-handled were the best allies of our mothers who, finally, saw it possible to keep the house clean in a relatively comfortable way. Modern vacuum cleaners replaced the bag with water tanks, are the calls of cyclone type. But, without a doubt, the great advance in this field has been the robotic vacuum cleaners, which with more or less simple algorithms are able to travel alone to the floor of the room to clean it. In addition, they detect obstacles, reach the corners and boast of design! A breakthrough for all those who want to keep the house clean in a short time.

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Keep all cleaning utensils organized in one place to keep them always at hand. Reserve in the storage closet a special place for the vacuum, so you will prolong its useful life. Keep it always clean: change or empty the bag when it is full, clean the water and dust deposits, periodically check the filter as well as the head once a month and pass the wheels with a clean cloth.

Wireless design vacuum cleaner

The broom type vacuum cleaners are light, handy and powerful. Vertical model Air Force Extreme Lithium, of Rowenta, does not carry cable or bag. It works with battery, in its deposit the dirt is stored and reaches every corner thanks to its triangular base (€ 259.99).

Vacuum cleaner robot

Relax while your vacuum works. The new robotic designs reach hard to reach areas and are suitable for any type of soil. The IRobot Roomba 880 It includes AeroForce technology, which replaces traditional brushes with powerful extractors that collect 60% more (€ 769.99).

Smart iron

Can you imagine ironing in any direction without problems? The innovative sole of the model NI-W900, from Panasonic, iron back and forth, saving you time (€ 79.99).

Anti-lime ironing system

Prevents lime particles from blocking the holes in the plate using an anti-scale filter. Water softener Ironcar, from Philips (€ 20.99), is suitable for all plates and includes a cartridge that you must replace when changing color.