Maintenance tricks for a vertical garden

Maintenance tricks for a vertical garden

The trend of vertical gardens It is on the rise. Once you've got to work to create yours, it's time to take care of it. Whatever the way you chose its creation, take note of some tricks to keep the species in perfect condition, as well as your panel.

If you chose the option to line the panel inside and plant the species right there, watering should be done carefully. You can opt for the solutions of drip irrigation in the case that you have created a small urban garden. In the market there are numerous solutions to choose the one that best suits your needs and space.

Species in mini pots

You can opt for immersion irrigation once a week to prevent the panel from gaining moisture when watering each pot. If you find it difficult to remove them one by one, choose small, narrow-tipped showers that allow you to control the water line.

To avoid moistening the wood, line the panel inside with Special gardening plastic.

When making your vertical garden remember that it will be in permanent contact with water and soil and will acquire moisture. It is important that you protect the material with special outdoor varnishes, which prevent corrosion.

Remember, too, that the good drainage It is essential for the maintenance in perfect condition of your vertical garden. The water that accumulates can rot the roots and promote the appearance of fungi so you can invest a little more in an irrigation system similar to that used by the sources, through a suction pump bottom that drives the water up, watering all the plants in turn. For this, it is essential to install a good filter that collects all sediments and does not block the pump.