Tea time

Tea time


- You will remember the bucolic English snacks of novels and films, where young and ladies of different generations meet in a natural environment to talk about poetry and literature ...

- They were other times, but those meetings can be your inspiration to recreate an endearing and feminine atmosphere. A refined tableware, glass cups and vintage pieces. A printed tablecloth, lace in the glasses, simple floral arrangements in jam jars and garlands put an irresistible country touch.

- You can be inspired by //; This way you will succeed in your meetings.

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Inviting tea and preparing the table for the occasion is becoming a delicious custom. Vintage fever and the confectionery boom deli, with the irresistible cupcakes, They have a lot to do.

Table trends: Mixing uneven pieces is allowed, provided harmony prevails. Look for vintage-style cups in almonedas, flea markets and antique stores.

A lovely style trick

To a cup with floral print and golden edge what else can be added? The blue tie knotted on its handle is a flirtatious touch. And besides, it is easy to do with ribbons of various colors.

The cup retains its elegance, but with the bow it acquires a sweeter air. Similar ribbons, from GreenGate and Cath Kidston. Cups with flowers as delicate as these can be found in El Corte Inglés.

You can also enjoy other spectacular on the Royal Albert's website

Mount a table in blue

White porcelain decorated with motifs in that characteristic intense blue is a safe bet. Combine these colors to recreate the famous tea time, So refined, it is a success. Sensational the idea of ​​using cups with different reasons: chintz floral, scenes, landscapes ... and the perfect background, the vinyl paper of the Fresh Kitchens collection, of Saint Honoré.

At there are links to the main brands of dishes. The Blue Room tea cups, from Spode, are very similar to those in this picture; In firms like Churchill and Johnson Brothers, you will also find many other similar models.

Tea set Made in England

Gardens, flowers, vegetable garlands, scenes, landscapes, even pagodas and carriages. Start your teacup collection! All these reasons, and more, you will find them drawn in detail in the quality porcelain cups. They decorate the cup on the outside, and on many occasions, inside and on the handle.

Pure art! If you want to see cups and tea sets Made in England Enter the Burleigh website,, one of the suppliers of Harrods, the most famous shopping center in London, and you will see the prints, many of them old, in all their splendor.

An outdoor snack

The weather improves, it is barely cold and then the sunny days will arrive. Celebrate it with an outdoor snack! The colorful ceramic is perfect. Choose some pretty glasses in pastel tones, similar in Zara Home and Rice, and a tablecloth with oversize flowers.