I have a dog! Basic care

I have a dog! Basic care

Having a dog involves a series of basic care that you should know if you have decided to incorporate a new member into the family. In addition, it also requires some basic space needs and you should know some fundamental keys to their behaviors so that it does not catch you by surprise.

Knowing all this before taking it home will save you some other surprises and, above all, it will help to avoid abandonment due to imprudence or ignorance.


Like people, dogs require fundamental veterinary care. The necessary vaccinations when they are puppies will prevent serious diseases that will deteriorate your dog's life in the future. In addition, you must take into account when making your budgets deworming (both internal and external), to avoid parasites and bites that can cause serious and, sometimes, lethal diseases. Leishmania, for example, is one of them. This disease is caused by the bite of a mosquito and creates serious problems in the animal that can cause death. It is avoided with deworming collars that act especially against this species. The greater security, greater happiness for both.

Micro chip

Animal owners are required by law to incorporate in their pet a micro chip with their data that helps them find it in case of loss. A mandatory expense that will prevent, in the event that your dog escapes, that it ends up in the kennel.


Dogs require great physical activity. Whether large or small, the daily routines of games and outdoor walks will allow you to release accumulated tensions when you are alone. Depriving him of it will only accelerate the feared destruction. As puppies, it will be inevitable that your dog is attracted to bite everything. It usually happens when your teeth start to get stronger. You can avoid it with smart games like Kong, which incorporate food inside and will keep your dog entertained for a long period of time or with the classic bones.


Another fundamental pillar to keep in mind so that your pet enjoys a great quality of life is to provide the food he needs according to his needs. Choose foods specially designed for them. Feeding your dog with your food will only cause illness due to possible food deficiencies or obesity. Preventing early will make you have a healthy and happy dog.


Baths with special products as well as daily brushing to remove dead hair will make your dog much more handsome ... and your house cleaner. For bad smells, you can mix a few drops of white vinegar in your usual shampoo. You will get a natural odor neutralizer.

Before joining your new friend, assess if you can provide all these basic care. Not doing so can turn your illusion into an unpleasant experience for both of you.